1. We offering - a job… “web development”

    They look at the the project – have seen through the project – something “production grade” .. Built the core service… or potential to do this…not just little web projects….


    tack is Java – need extensive java script,/Jquery , groovy on grails (a plus) - MVC framework
    HTML 5 – it’s an Umbrella term to the era of web developer since 2010 … (It’s not flash, silverlight) - they build applications from the browser
    HTML 5 Canvas is a big plus

    A “modern” web framework developer - eg, ASP/MVC and switch to groovy
    Theres a new framework called “Backbone” — application runs on the web browser – it’s all done in java script
    NODE JS preferred

    IT’s very heavy client java script
    Familiar with queuing databases - use server side code (java/ruby) to access the data

  2. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. 

  3. Oh my good lord.

  4. You like kids, right?

    I hope you’re well?  I’m doing well and I’m a very busy guy with work and home.  Don’t let the attached picture fool you… my son can be a monster.  He may look cute for the spit second the pictures were taken.  Now that he is mobile (Walking and Crawling) he has been able to break our Lennox Wedding Picture Frame, break the dogs porcelain food dish, continuously play in / dump the dogs water dish, remove the contents of the pantry (because he needs soy sauce or rice wine vinegar), throw pots and pans out of their cupboard, stand up in his highchair, and stand up and surfing in his outdoor swing.    All of the previous things happen in a split second while either my wife or I turned our backs in our “Baby Proof House”. 

    These things make life very interesting… and I’m enjoying all of it. 

    Are you currently looking for any new long term opportunities in the Harrisburg area? 

  5. We have a great relationship with Apple-our leaders were very tight with Steve Jobs before he passed.

    Thanks for lending me your ear(eyes). Ridiculous.

  6. WTF is an “interation designer”? Well, you better find out because your going to be working as one for a very well know startup. SOOOOO many typos coming from an “Executive Recruiter”. 

    Thanks, Phil!

  7. We’re a bit different here. And what we mean to say is, we’re like your current job, only way, way worse. And you will have to live with the impact of your decisions for the rest of your life.

  8. If HTML/CSS/JS and PHP had a baby would you go on Jerry Springer and take the paternity test to claim it?

    That depends, can I train the baby to hunt down and maim ridiculous recruiters?